Documentary Wedding Photography

Why am I a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

Documentary wedding photography is a modest approach to a wedding, seeking to avoid directing how the day unfolds. Letting the couple and guests enjoy themselves, often leaving people questioning if there was even a photographer at the wedding at all!

Why choose a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

As a documentary wedding photographer, my focus is on capturing the natural, unposed moments that unfold throughout your special day. With years of experience honing my skills, I bring a truly unique aesthetic that is reflected in the spontaneous and joy infused images I capture. For me, the authentic storytelling potential of documentary wedding photography far outweighs the appeal of traditional, posed portraits. Each photograph is taken within a rich context, conveying the real story and atmosphere of your wedding. This approach ensures that the documented moments resonate with viewers, offering a vivid recount of the day without the need for further explanation.

Capturing raw, authentic emotions

A wedding day is full of emotions, from the nervous excitement before the ceremony to the joy of saying “I do,” and sometimes a touch of sadness during speeches that remember absent loved ones. The day ends on a high note, dancing and celebrating with all your closest family and friends. As a documentary wedding photographer, my job is to capture these honest, real moments. My aim is to show the true feelings of your wedding day, not just to take pretty or formal pictures. This way, you can feel the day’s emotions all over again, every time you look at your photos.


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