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A micro wedding is a wedding with 20 guests or less. Give or take. And after recent events, they are set to be one of the biggest wedding trends of next year.

Micro weddings can be similar to a “normal” wedding, but on a much smaller scale. With only your nearest and dearest invited, there is much less expectation to have a formal and structured wedding that follows tradition. You may still have a first dance, but maybe you skip the speeches?


Why should you have a micro wedding?

There are so many advantages to having a micro wedding. For some, the effects of COVID-19 have made them a necessity. But even before 2020, the popularity of micro weddings was rising.



Micro weddings can save you money. The two biggest wedding costs are often the venue and the food, both of which can be reduced with a smaller head count.

You’ll find many more options open up to you when you have fewer guests to consider. It can give you real flexibility if you fancy an alternative location, such as a windmill, a treehouse, or even a lighthouse overlooking the ocean! And with fewer people to feed, your catering budget will shrink, whether you have a three-course meal, a BBQ, or a buffet.

However, a micro wedding doesn’t have to mean a micro budget. It can simply give you the chance to spend your money on the things that really matter to you.


The personal touches

Something I love to see at weddings, are the little touches that the couple choose to include in their day. More and more, table names are personalised, dances are choreographed, and family pictures adorn the venue.


With the lack of formalities and the flex in budget, micro weddings provide even more opportunity to get creative. Think cocktails instead of champagne, or maybe a tarot card reader instead of magician! Like cars? Arrive in style in the sports car that you have always dreamed of driving. Don’t like being centre of attention? Don’t walk down the aisle. And forget the speeches altogether.


Spend time with your guests

The average number of wedding guests last year rose to 82, increasing to 103 in the evening. Spending quality time, with this many people, in one day? That’s a big ask.

Especially when you’re also marrying the love of your life!

A micro wedding will mean quality time with everyone you invite. There’ll be no rushing to get round everyone, you can just enjoy your day with the people that you love.


Is a micro wedding right for you?

Micro weddings aren’t right for everyone. It can be very difficult to cut down your guest list so dramatically and people may not understand if you choose to do so. But you must remember that it is your day, celebrating your marriage. If there’s any time to do what feels right for you, this is it!

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