Samantha and Elliot 13 May 2023

Smiling has never been so difficult as when posing for a family photograph. I remember as a child, standing rigid as a board, whilst we tried to capture the perfect family portrait. Bright lights, uncomfortable clothes, and a forced smile.

The pictures never really looked like my family and that’s why I do things differently. For me, the secret to a perfect family picture is authenticity.

With things currently as they are, my workload has changed. I’ve been spending much less time at weddings, and much more time at home. Meaning much more time photographing my daughter! Maya isn’t one for sitting still, but thankfully, that suits my style of photography.

As a documentary photographer and a member of This is Reportage: Family, I tend to steer away from posed photoshoots. Put simply, I take candid shots. Instead of telling you what to wear, where to sit, and how to pose, I just observe and capture. 

This method, at least for my family, makes for a much easier experience! And allows me to catch those moments that can so easily be missed. The only problem I have is getting myself in the pictures too!

That’s just one of the reasons why I’m such an advocate for professional family photography. It’s an amazing way to document your life and preserve special memories as they actually happen. And when you invite someone to take these pictures for you, there’s no-one missing from your photos and no messing about with timers!

How to prepare for a family photoshoot

A family photoshoot with me, should look like a relatively normal day for you. 

In my experience, the best photoshoots involve an activity that you love to do as a family. Whether that’s playing hide and seek in the back garden, having lunch with grandparents, or playing in your local park. How long I join you for is up to you, from a few hours, through to a full day. 

The beauty of a professional photography session like this, is that you can almost forget that I’m there. My style is very unobtrusive, and I am well practised at helping people feel at ease in front of the camera.

After our photo session, you can expect a gallery full of beautiful, personal images, that capture the energy and individuality of your family. All of the photos will be available via a private link for downloading and I can even work with you to design and produce a photo album, full of your favourite shots.


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