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Sarah and John ~ 5 December 2018

  /  Sarah and John ~ 5 December 2018

Second Shooting

Sarah and John, 5th December 2018

Would you rather capture the moment the bride walks down the aisle, or the moment her partner sees her?

How about during the speeches? Would you rather see the expression on the groom’s face as he describes his new spouse? Or would you rather see the children who got bored and are now playing under the table?

Well, that’s the beauty of having a second photographer at your wedding. You don’t have to miss a moment.

Why have a second shooter

Wedding photographers cannot be in two places at once. Whilst we are used to moving around as much as possible, we cannot capture everything. When my clients receive their wedding photos, many of them are delighted by the little things that they missed on the day. From a groomsman taking a quick nap before the ceremony begins, to a bridesmaid spilling champagne on her carefully chosen dress. A second shooter allows us to pick up on more of these moments.

Second shooting the wedding of Sarah and John

As part of my year-long mentoring program with wedding photographer Charlie Campey, I had the opportunity to second shoot the wedding of Sarah and John in Oxford.

This was perhaps one of the most relaxed weddings I have ever been to. The bridal party was so chilled out, for a while I thought the wedding might not get started! But as the day unfolded, and the ceilidh band began, the energy was infectious.

As the second shooter, it was my job to capture everything from a different perspective. Whilst Charlie captured the bride and groom during the ceremony, I focused on the guests. This allowed me to catch many wonderful moments, such as the groom turning around mid-ceremony to share a laugh with a smaller member of the wedding party.

Together, Charlie and I were able to authentically capture the story of the day. Here are just some of the highlights…


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