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Aga and Julien ~ 19 August 2019

  /  Aga and Julien ~ 19 August 2019

A Wedding in Poland

Aga and Julien, 19th August 2019

Sitting in my home in Guildford, Surrey, the UK, I received an email inquiring if I would be able to cover a wedding in Poland. I thought this is it; I’m going to be a jet setter travelling the world and getting paid for it!

So we arranged a time when we could skype one another to discuss the wedding in more detail. Fast track a year and a bit to the day of the wedding.

The format of the wedding was so different from what I’m usually used to. I have never been to a wedding when everyone from groom and bride and the guests were getting ready together at the venue; it wasn’t a problem at all because as a wedding photographer, you need to think on your feet.

As the day turned progressed, it turned into one of those high-energy/wild party weddings, with a lot of people drinking a lot of vodkas. I had so much fun shooting this wedding – thank you Aga and Julien for letting me be your wedding photographer.


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