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Your wedding day is filled with so many emotions and moments that should not be missed especially the ones you care about most.

Having a shot list for your photography ensures you get the album of your dreams and gives guidance to your photographer on what moments are important to you however this can be overwhelming to put together so I have created a must have shot list with moments all couples should have.

I also talk about why having a shot list matters and how I, as a documentary photographer, navigate it to craft your unique narrative.

Why the Shot List Matters

Imagine this list as your guidebook to the visual story of your day. It’s a collection of moments that weaves the tale of your love.

Having these essentials on our radar ensures we don’t miss any of those genuine emotions, candid laughs, heartfelt tears, and joyous celebrations that define your unique story.

How I Navigate the Shot List

Understanding Your Story: Before the big day, I take the time to understand your personalities, your journey, and the unique elements that make your love story special. This helps me focus on the moments that matter most to you.

Unposed, Candid Moments: While a shot list guides us, it doesn’t restrict us. It helps, but it doesn’t limit our creativity. I’m always on the lookout for the moments between the moments—those unfiltered, natural expressions that truly narrate your story.

Flexibility in Capture: The beauty of documentary photography is adaptability. The shot list acts as a framework, but in the midst of the whirlwind, it’s about being adaptable to capture those fleeting, real moments that unfold.

Must Have Shot List

The Bride & Groom

The First Look

The First Kiss

The Cheek Kiss

The Forehead Touch

Individual Portraits

The Walking Shot

Bridal Party

The Whole Gang

Groomsmen Hanging Out     

Bridesmaids Primping

The Happy Laugh Shot

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Formal Families

Parents with Bride & Groom

Siblings with Bride & Groom

Grandparents with Bride & Groom

Individual Portraits with Grandparents

Entire Extended Family

The Details

Bride’s Bouquet

Reception Cake

Engagement/ Wedding Rings

The Bride’s Veil

The Groom’s Cufflinks



How to use this list

Feel free to copy and paste or screenshot this list. It’ll be your go-to guide when planning out the shots you want.

I focus on capturing these moments and all the moments in between. If you are interested in a documentary wedding photographer you can download my wedding brochure by clicking the button below:


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