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Nigel Harvey Photography offers a refreshing alternative in a world where picture-perfect poses and staged smiles often dominate the wedding photography scene. We advocate for the documentary-style approach to wedding photography, which captures your special day's raw, genuine emotions and creates a visual narrative showcasing the authentic story of your wedding day.Documentary wedding photography is all about

In recent years, there has been a fascinating development in the wedding industry - the rise of Wedding Content Creators. These individuals, equipped with technical expertise, creativity, and professionalism, transform how couples immortalise their most cherished day. Let's explore this exciting trend and compare it with the traditional approach of guest casting, examining the benefits and drawbacks.The

Nestled in the heart of Surrey, this picturesque county offers a delightful setting for weddings, blending the charm of the countryside with the elegance of historic venues. Couples celebrating their love in Surrey create timeless memories against the backdrop of its scenic beauty. The seamless collaboration between wedding photography and documentary videography proves essential when preserving these


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