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Alice Todd is a talented freelance artist and illustrator based in South London, UK. With a passion for painting that dates back to her childhood, Alice has honed her skills over the years and is now known for her beautiful, intricate works of art.

I first encountered Alice’s incredible talent at a wedding at the Talbot Inn in Ripley, Surrey, UK. He was there to capture the special day of Stacey and Jake, but what he saw left him completely stunned – Alice was there to paint a beautiful and unique portrait of the happy couple in just a few hours.

Alice’s art journey began with her first commission at age 15, and she has never looked back. Her talent and passion for painting are evident in every piece she creates, and it’s no wonder her clients are always left in awe when they see the final product.

Live Painting at Weddings

In recent years, Alice has discovered a new passion – painting live at weddings. With her love for romance and her adrenaline-fueled personality, painting at weddings is the perfect combination for Alice. She captures the joy, love, and excitement of the day in just a few hours, creating a masterpiece that will always be treasured by the happy couple.

For Alice, the best part of her job is the look on her client’s faces when they see the final creation. She knows that she is capturing a particular moment in their lives, and the satisfaction of knowing that her work will bring them happiness for years to come drives her to continue perfecting her craft.

If you’re looking for an artist who can turn your special day into a timeless piece of art, look no further than Alice Todd. With her passion for painting and her commitment to excellence, she will create a masterpiece you will cherish for years to come.


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